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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Lately I have been feeling out of sorts. Struggling might be the better term. I'm struggling with everything. Especially with eating and cooking healthy. My husband and I are trying to get our mobile home ready to put up for sale. It has been a slow process due to working full time and trying to still have a life. I was in a car accident over 5 weeks ago and I still don't know what's going on with that. I have been yoyoing terribly on my diet. And I miss my mom. So yeah, I'm struggling.

At Walmart the other day I saw a Woman's World magazine that said She Lost 235 pounds eating "junk food" and it caught my eye. I bought it. The woman on the cover lost the weight by following recipes by Hungry Girl. I have seen Hungry Girl cookbooks at the library but I think I have passed them by because they don't have a lot of pictures. I'm a cookbook snob. I like lots of pictures in my cookbooks. I requested all four of her books and got one in today. I want to make like every single recipe in the cookbook. The pictures that are in it look delicious. I feel inspired to try and take better care of myself.

Will and I started walking today. It was nice. We took our dog Sophie for a walk and she enjoyed it as well. We could have done without the guy who came out of his trailer to ask us if we were bleeping told the bleeping rules when we bleeping moved into the park about dogs. Sophie was sniffing his grass but she didn't pee on it or poo so I'm not sure what his problem was. And I had a bag to pick up any poo. He was just a total jerk. And I wish I would have had Sophie's diaper on her so I could I have told him that my dog doesn't go potty in yards. He just made me angry. We will just avoid his trailer from now on. Problem solved.

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