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Saturday, August 4, 2012

I heart Owls

 I never used to be a huge fan of owls but I was a convert last year after going to New Orleans.  I saw quite a few pieces of owl jewelry there and fell in love with a necklace.  I just had to have it and so I bought it.  Now I have quite the owl jewelry and hair accessory collection.  The office I have now at work has a wall decal tree that I inherited.  But it's plain and I think it needs sprucing up.  After doing some research on owl wall decals I saw some patterns like what is below and I thought I can make that.  So that is what I did.  I used decorative card stock that you use for scrapbooking.  I will hang it on the wall with the sticky tacky stuff that is safe for walls.  I can't use nails or tacks or tape at work.  I found some flowers on Ebay that I think I might buy to add to the tree. 

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