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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week Five and Six

For week 5 and 6 I lost 1.3 making my grand total 10.1. It has taken me this long to post because the day of week 5's weigh in my house got broke into and then for week 6 my Internet went down. It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

Along with doing WW's again I started working out at Charter Fitness. I hate working out. I really don't enjoy it at all. So it helps that I go with Joyce from work and we work out together. I take a book to read but they also have music playing and TV's to watch. I enjoy the company, not so much the exercise. If it wasn't for Joyce I probably wouldn't go. I try and be honest with myself. I'm usually good when it comes to changing my eating habits but when it comes to exercise, not so much. Joyce and I laugh because it was our other co-worker Kris that really wanted us to join. She and her husband joined for Christmas. She wanted other people to go with. Joyce and I go faithfully and Kris is a book of excuses. When she does go she's antsy to leave. But Kris is skinny so I wouldn't be all gung ho to exercise either. It's just funny that she wanted us to join and shes nowhere to be seen. But we still love her.

On week 5's weigh in I went to work out with Joyce and when I got home I noticed that my front door was slightly ajar. I wondered if my husband might have forgotten to close and lock it when he left for work and proceeded to go into the house. That is when I noticed that our pill bottles from on top of the microwave had been rifled through and once I got into the kitchen I saw that the window had been broken out and my cat Sage was standing in the glass on the floor. Fortunately they didn't take anything of value other than some pills but I had to clean up the mess from the broken window and replace the window. It isn't a good feeling knowing someone has been in your home.

Today I spent time in the emergency room. I have been having sharp pains in my right side every time I breathe. It is very painful. I had a ct scan of my stomach area and a chest x-ray and everything was okay. No, internal problems. I do have a urinary tract infection, which is weird because I don't feel like I have one. So they sent me home with antibiotics and pain killers. I hope it helps because I'm tired of the pain. I want to keep exercising but it is difficult with the pain in my side.

My hubby is awesome. He was willing to sit with me during a Twilight marathon but I spared him from the sparkly vampires. We are watching The Shield.

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