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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week Eleven

Losing weight really is all in your head. You have to be mentally ready to make a lifestyle change or you won't succeed. I got back on track this week and lost 1.5 so my total is 8.5. Yeah! 1.5 away from being back to 10. The library started a Wellness program. It isn't about losing weight it's just about getting healthy and being well. I think it is a fun idea and a fun way to keep me on track. It started yesterday and will go until August. After the 5 months the top three staff members that participated that have the most points will win prizes with one prize being a day off with pay. There are several ways you can earn points, and one of them is by making healthy foods to share with your co-workers. I can do that. So bring on the wellness.

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