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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trip to Michigan and New Holland Brewing Company

My husband and I have been off this whole week and our plans had been to visit some family in Michigan. Unfortunately my cousin had the flu and we weren't able to see them. Hopefully we will sometime soon we haven't seen them in awhile. I hope she is feeling better. After visiting them we planned on staying the night in South Haven, Michigan and going to the New Holland Brewing Company in Holland, Michigan. Since the weather wasn't bad we decided to do that. South Haven is only about an hour and half from home and the drive was really nice. Next time I plan on going when the weather won't freeze you to death because Holland was a nice looking area with neat looking shops but it was just to cold to walk around. Just being there a few hours it seemed like Holland was a pet friendly place. I probably saw at least a dozen people walking their dogs. I like that about a town. Plus people were jogging. A little crazy if you ask me because it was cold but to each their own.

The New Holland Brewing Company is a microbrewery recognized for it's artistry and creativity. I am not a lover of beer but my husband is. After having their beer Will wanted to check out their pub. I'm glad we did. I loved the decor and the food that we had was really good. They don't have a huge food menu which is nice because sometimes a lot of choices is a bad thing. All the food coming out of the kitchen looked really good. We went on a Wednesday night around 6pm and it was packed. We even had to wait about 10 minutes for a table to open up. With it being that busy on a weekday I'd hate to see how busy they are on the weekends. Business was booming and I'm sure they are happy about that. When you are churning out good food and good beer I wasn't surprised by all the people.

First I will talk about the food. We started out with the Pepperoni Pinwheels. These tasty morsels are pepperoni and five cheese blend wrapped in dough. These were so good I'm hoping to recreate them. They give you a lot. I counted 11. I could have at all of them and still wanted more.

I went with the Old School Chicken Wings for my meal. This is listed as an appetizer but they give you plenty to be satisfied eating it as a meal. These wings are deep fried and then doused in hot, medium, or mild sauce and served with ranch dressing. I got the mild sauce and I'm a wimp. They were spicy to me but not too bad. The wings were meaty and they were very good.

Will went with the build a burger. If you know my husband it won't be a surprise to anyone that he went with a burger. They did serve pizza as well and I think he equally loves pizza and burgers. So his choice could have went either way. You can't see it because it is smothered in pepper jack cheese but on that burger is not only bacon but ham. He let me have a bite and the burger was very good but I couldn't taste the ham. I could just taste the saltiness.

I don't usually indulge in dessert out at restaurants because usually I'm too full and usually I don't want to spend the extra money but I'm on vacation and that makes indulgences okay. This is called the Black and Tan Brownie. I'm guessing the tan comes from the caramel. This brownie was more like a chocolate lava cake. It was very moist and cake like. Paired with ice cream, whip cream, caramel sauce, and fudge sauce it was outstanding.

This is the bar area. I liked that in the glasses on the wall every so many had green towels tucked in them to give some color. Loving green the way I do I thought it was really pretty. The restaurant was very open and decorated with light colors. On the one wall they had posters up of the beers they were serving. I wanted to get a picture but it was pretty crowded.

Here is my handsome husband with his taste sampler tray. You got six four ounce glasses. He was in heaven.

Will: Back off these are mine.
Me: That's fine babe, you know I don't like beer. I just wanted a picture.

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  1. I realize that this is like 2 years after you posted this. But I currently work at new Holland and it was delightful to hear an outside opinion. If you ever happen to be in the area I would personally suggest you try the onion brick.