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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Dinner

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing, stuff your face kind of Easter. I know I did. Will and I spent a relaxing morning at home and then in the afternoon we went over to my Godparents house for the wonderful food on that plate in the picture. And for the wonderful company. I will be posting recipes for the corn casserole and the sweet potato casserole I made real soon. I think my favorite food on that plate is the mac and cheese. I only get it on the holidays. My Aunt Faye makes the best mac and cheese. Not that I couldn't make the mac and cheese at home but then I would eat it and I'm sure the points are out of control. Maybe I'll share that recipe too. Although it's not really a recipe. The only two ingredients are macaroni and Velveeta cheese. It's so good!

What's your favorite holiday food?

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